Draw Ziggy Draw, and don’t waste time

For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed writing and drawing.   Especially drawing. Occasionally I’ve received money for my creations but mostly it’s for fun. That’s because I’ve never regarded myself as a real artist, I doodle.

This year the Turner Prize was held at The Baltic just across the river from home so I was able to get up close and personal with the work. Art that creates discussion, stirs the emotions and is usually controversial. Yesterday Martin Boyce won the £25,000 prize for his etherial park scene.

"Real art" by Martin Boyce

It’s the kind of work my A’Level art teacher encouraged and dismissed my “pretty pictures” with a disdainful wave of his hand. And so my life path led me away from art.

A few decades on and I’ve found myself working in a museum dedicated to the art of children’s literature.  Surrounded by original illustrations, sketches and children’s books of every conceivable kind I have been inspired .Armed with fine liners  and pencils I shall unashamedly doodle pretty pictures, scribble nonsense and tootle in my campervan in search of stories to tell.

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