Meet the Skinny Dogs; Sketched & Tattooed

I think now is as good a time as any to introduce you to the skinny dogs. Never fear, this is not going to turn into a dog blog, in fact if you want to avoid doggy drivel scroll down to the drawings now. For everyone else here is their story.

They are both lurchers, that is a sighthound crossed with a working breed of dog.

Skinny Dog # 1 is a greyhound plus something intelligent, possibly Border Collie. We adopted her when she was around four months old from a greyhound rescue centre. We had no intention of leaving with a puppy, we’d gone to see a mature, docile retired greyhound as company  for our mature docile retiring mongrel bitch. For seemingly no apparent reason she rejected the noble hound. We were about to leave when a speeding ball of jet black fur burst into the room spraying pee of happiness in all directions. She came home with us on a trial basis and five years later she’s still here.

Skinny Dog #2 is  a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)  She’s definitely got sighthound in the mix because of the deep barrel chest and she can fly like the wind. Bull terrier would account for the ridiculous bowed back legs and wide solid head ( containing a teeny weeny morsel of brain ).  But she has huge ears, a Roman nose and is very muscled.  She joined the household just over a year ago when our elderly dog passed away and Skinny Dog #1 was pining for a friend. They are as thick as thieves (in fact stealing food is their forte) and make excellent campervan companions.

All my dogs have been rescue dogs, discarded by their human companions when they ceased to be of interest. The rescue centres are full of them. Dogs can spend months, even years in these places, overlooked because they cower at the back of their cell, they are too bouncy, too ugly or just not fashionable. But all are desperate for a forever home and a chance to prove they can be a loyal and faithful friend no matter what. Yet still people pay huge sums of money to breeders for some fancy, distorted, canine creation. I don’t know, it’s probably wishful thinking on my part, but all my dogs seem to know they have been given a second chance at life and are eternally grateful.

I couldn’t imagine my life without a dog or two in it.

Now… are some drawings.

Skinny Dog # 1

Skinny Dog #2

Skinny Dog #1 Tattoo

Skinny Dog #2 Tattoo

25 thoughts on “Meet the Skinny Dogs; Sketched & Tattooed

  1. I really like your blog! Both Skinny dogs are beautiful, and your drawings (sketches and fancy tattoos) of them are gorgeous!! Full of character and amazing fine lines!
    Canine company is great – I miss my mongrel back home, but luckily there are a couple of dogs in Taipei who are noble enough to sometimes stop to say hi and have their ears scratched : )

  2. Awww. you’re dogs are lucky to have you and you them… I don’t have dogs anymore just a cat who moved 4 times in 5 years.. we are very attached to each other. Great drawings too 🙂

  3. years ago I painted a crow in ink and did similar designs on it using color pencil, I’m working on a post now using my various paintings of crows + ravens and I have started working on a new raven for it. Great thing is I’m doing the patterns on it again but more, and seeing your dogs REALLY inspires me to keep working on it! I love them! They’re the best thing I’ve seen yet on your blog. I really really think you should make note cards of them because I know people would buy them! Now if I could find time to work on that raven!

  4. I LOVE the tattoos! Not to mention the fact that your drawing is absolutely exquisite!!!

    I paint my own dog in the studio all the time. So far he has been the ‘Virgin’s’ companion in a large Saint George and the dragon, and Tobias’s dog in Tobias and the Angel. He likes modelling and is very patient. I’m 100 percent sure he knows that he’s being admired when he models!


  5. Beautiful art – love the tattoo’s – for beautiful dogs, I used to be owned by a whippet and could draw the shapes she contorted herself into for hours. Glad I popped by to peruse and thanks for liking one of my posts.

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