Feeling the WordPress Love

I expect the reason that people feel the need to blog must be as numerous and varied as the blogs themselves. I enjoyed reading them as a form of entertainment and inspiration, much like picking up a magazine, but held back from joining in. Then exactly eleven weeks ago I took the plunge and created ZiggyShortcrust; Scribbles, Doodles and Campervan Tootles. In its short life my blog has evolved into a series of quirky elf portraits interspersed with musings about my VDub campervan and a smattering of creative writing. Neither earth shattering nor newsworthy. And yet fellow bloggers have sought mine out, liked posts, taken the time to make comments and most amazingly chose to follow me. I had no idea what a delightful experience blogging would be. People from countries as far apart as North America, India, Hawaiian Islands, Latvia, Iceland, Germany and dear old Blighty have paused for a quick comment; kind, uplifting and inspirational comments. For the past eleven weeks I have felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

So on this Valentines Day I would like to say thank you to WordPress for a simple to follow, aesthetically pleasing blogging platform for me to spring from. And an even bigger thank you to my fellow bloggers for stopping by to have a peek, chat and follow along for the ride.

To paraphrase the large lady who appeared at the end of The Morecambe & Wise shows;

“I’d like to thank you for stopping by my little blog here today. If you’ve enjoyed it then it’s all been worthwhile. So until we meet again, goodbye, and I love you all!”

Valentine Elf

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