Introducing Outlandish Owl

I would like you to meet a friend of mine. But he asks that you resist scrolling down to view his likeness until introductions are complete.

We met some years ago; I was busy doodling with my trusty fine liners when he appeared in front of me.  A sartorial creature who needs little in the way of an excuse to parade around in extraordinary outfits. His choice of outrageous accessories are pure genius which on a lesser mortal would, quite frankly, be laughable.  Strigiformes with a passion for fashion are a rare thing indeed and Outlandish Owl is proud to be a pioneer in his field (or meadow or barn anywhere there is an audience really). His heroes are; Beau Brummell, Oscar Wilde, Lord Byron and Elton John. His hopes for the future are that one day everyone will wear hats and his ambition is to be snapped for the pages of The Sartorialist.

Always ready to strike a pose Outlandish Owl has generously agreed to appear on my little blog. He would be delighted to receive comments from like-minded, suave, courteous, well-bred individuals and will pop by again to reveal more items from his wardrobe.







Outlandish Owl

It would make Outlandish Owl swoon with delight if you were to click on his image.  I expect the more clicks, the more likely he is to return. The outcome rests with your index finger.

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