Slow Motion Car Crash by Jonathan Schipper; Day 1

Tall Man has been involved with the installation of a piece of art work that is part of AV Festival. An international festival of Art, Technology, Music and Film,  As Slow as Possible is the North East contribution taking place throughout March in Newcastle, Gateshead, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

Tall Man assisted American artist Jonathan Schipper with his piece Slow Motion Car Crash. In layman’s terms take one tidy G reg VW Golf, remove all innards that might cause leaks, set it up on a motorised track system in an empty shop window and at a speed of 7mm per hour head it into a wall. In artists speak “the work provides an alternative way of experiencing the world by slowing down physical events to almost imperceptible movement.”

This sweet little car sat quietly dozing on our drive for a week or so.  With barely a blemish to her twenty three year old body and a mere 75,000 miles on the clock she lived up to the slogan “if only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen”. Having given over two decades of faithful service as a modest little run around she was going to star in an international art festival. Be an artists muse. And not many hatch backs could say that. I hadn’t the heart to tell her the truth and each time I passed gave her a reassuring pat. A bit like rearing pigs for slaughter I decided against giving her a name.

But she’s all set up now in a clean white space. Spruced up and looking good, ready for the artist to work his magic. She has started her final journey and I have decided to record it.  I walk past the shop on my way to work so will take a photo each day and post it up. Stop motion cameras are rolling and microphones are set up in her interior with loud speakers projecting each and every sound she utters. Onlookers will be able to say “Yep, sounds just like a Golf.”

Slow Motion Car Crash day 1

Still wholesome!

These photos were taken this afternoon about 2pm. She’s just kissing the wall. I wonder what state she’ll be in tomorrow?

I’ll leave you with these final words taken from the AV Festival brochure; “With a dramatic inevitability that reflects our own mortality, over the course of the Festival month, the car is eventually destroyed.” Noooooooo!

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