Slow Motion Car Crash; Day 2

In yesterdays post I introduced you to the little VW Golf who was about to debut as an artist’s model.  This morning at 9am was the official launch for Jonathan Schipper’s car sculpture but unfortunately I couldn’t be there to hold Little Golf’s hand(le). I popped by earlier in the morning on my way to work but she was otherwise occupied with last minute fettling from attendant arty types. I may have been snubbed.

All through the day I wondered how she was getting on and fancied I could hear her pitiful cries carrying across the city “In the name of Art…why Ziggy…why?”

Eventually the last book hungry folk filed out of the museum. I switched off the lights, locked the doors and scurried up the hill as fast as I could to see Little Golf.

I was pleased to see she was holding out well.

Well she had obviously had a busy day, posing with the artist Jonathan Schipper, and allowing the curious crowds to have a close look.

At 6.30pm the excitement had been too much and she was having a snooze. I snuck up and took a couple of photos.



Night Night Little Golf.


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