Sketching Elves in the Spring

Yesterday, with the weather being so fine, I decided to Elf Watch. It’s likeSpring Watch only with elves.For those of you that do not hail from the UK this is a natural history programme that is broadcast live over three weeks in, funnily enough, Spring. Everybody gets terribly excited about all the wildlife they can find in their gardens (back yards) and around the British Isles.

Think how really excited folks would get if they caught sight of some elf action. Unfortunately, most people don’t believe in their existence so miss out on this entertaining pastime. Elves are far more common in city suburbs than you would think, but to get a glimpse you have to be up bright and early. And the emphasis is definitely on the word “glimpse.” I’ve tried taking photos, but with little success, so I have had to resort to sketching. Even so these fascinating creatures rarely keep still for long.

As you can see Elves have a habit of hiding behind the shrubbery. But at this time of the year they are not completely concealed.

It most be noted that these creatures dart around at great speed, and some actively hide their faces from view. So getting a decent drawing is quite difficult.

However, there are some elves whose trust you can gain. This young female has been visiting The Small House for many months, although she has been absent during winter. Even though she kept still for a while, her eyes were constantly darting around looking for signs of danger. I got about ten minutes in her delightful company and then she was off, so I had to finish the sketch from memory.


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