Slow Motion Car Crash; Day 14

Newcastle based arts commissioning agency Locus +  commissioned Jonathan Schipper’s piece, Slow Motion Car Crash.  They installed a camera within the empty shop unit and time lapse footage of the first week of Little Golf’s final journey can be seen here. It’s a fascinating piece of film and illustrates so well the premise behind the artwork; “providing an alternative way of experiencing the world by slowing down physical events to almost imperceptible movement.”

And here is how Little Golf was looking around 6pm this evening.

As this piece of work  approaches the halfway point I would love to know what everyone thinks about this unusual sculpture. To add food for thought here are a couple of comments from past posts by Lisa from satsumaart and mj monaghan

“Fascinating how slow the process is. Thank you for documenting it! Our lives move so quickly, we rarely take the time to stop and watch anything, much less something as slow as this.”

“This is so amazing. Decay happens so slowly, doesn’t it? Without even noticing.”


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