Walking on Sunshine

About two weeks ago I was given a blog award; The Sunshine Award no less. It seems fitting given the extraordinary warm and sunny weather parts of Britain is experiencing, the North East included, that I choose today to formally accept this award.

It is awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others”. Wow, well that’s very humbling  and the nomination came from Win Lose or Draw. Like Zorro, the real identity is a secret but Win Lose or Draw is an art student living in London, a fellow tea slurper,  and doodler. It’s a delightful site with my favourite doodles being the doggy ones. So, a very big thank you to Win Lose or Draw for honouring me with The Sunshine Award. I would also like to mention, if I may, NewPillowBook and her blog A Number of Things. That’s because she was pipped to the post by Win Lose or Draw in nominating me for this award. So thank you for thinking of me too.

Now you don’t just get handed this award, thank the person and sit back down to quaff more champagne. No, you have to work for it. Firstly, answer some probing questions and secondly name ten bloggers who, in your humble opinion, also deserve this coveted prize. Then pop over to their blog and tell them the good news.

It has taken me an age (turns apologetically to Win Lose or Draw) because I just couldn’t overcome the desire to illustrate my answers and that takes time. Here we go;

1. My favourite colour is……green. A perfect example is the interior for my campervan. It makes me feel Spring like and happy whatever the weather.

I don’t drive around with footwear on the back seat. They are just some of my fave green accessories.

2. Favourite number is….7.   Here are some Interesting Facts about Number Seven;

  • The seventh wave is known to be full of exceptional power
  • There are Seven chakras
  • In William Shakespeare’s As You Like It he describes the seven ages of man
  • the Anglo Saxons divided England into seven kingdoms
  • September was originally the seventh month
  • In British folklore every seven years The Queen of Faerie pays a tithe to Hell (it’s a mystical number within most cultures’ myths, legends and religions)
  • It’s my lucky number (although I can think of no justified reason for this).
  •  If somebody said to me “Choose a number between 1 and 10” I would reply “7”.
  • And I love my current place of work; Seven Stories.

Seven Stories; a unique UK museum that celebrates the art of children's literature.

3. My favourite drink is….tea. I’m not talking bags of dust here, I’m talking real tea. The full leaf and nothing but the full leaf. Anything else should fail the trade descriptions act. However, I don’t like green tea which flies in the face of question 1.

Tea with elves is an interesting experience

4. Favourite animal….dragon. If I have to say why then we need to sit down over a fine cup of tea.

I will introduce you to Pirate Dragon and his friends tomorrow.

5. Facebook or Twitter….Twitter. Writing something in just 140 characters appeals to my internal editor.  People may try to give social networking a purpose ( you can’t be a writer/illustrator without building a platform on Twitter) but we all know it’s just fun and totally pointless.

6. Getting or giving presents….both.

7. Favourite day….tomorrow. It’s full of possibilities.

8. Favourite flower….daisy. I love that they turn toward the sun and wrap their petals around their faces as night falls. And who doesn’t enjoy making daisy chains?

And finally…

9. Your passion…..my life. It’s something I’m constantly adjusting, tinkering with and seeking to improve.I have gone through a gamut of emotions while living it, and I never cease to be amazed by it. To live one is a privilege;  I don’t want to swap it nor intend to waste it. I’m not sure I could lay it down for anyone but I’m more than happy to share it.

One of the highlights of my life.

And now to my chosen 10 Bloggers for whom I feel deserve The Sunshine Award;

The first two on my list figured large at the start of my blogging life.

Reading and Chickens was the first blog I ever left a comment on and Shalini was the first person to comment on my blog. Her  enthusiasm and frequent posts inspired me to give it a go. She draws ridiculously well with MS paint and is a very witty writer.

1500 Saturdays here Helen muses about all sorts of things on each of the 1500 Saturdays left of her life. Always well written and thought provoking posts She was the first person to follow me and never fails to like or comment on each of my posts.

Frivolous Monsters is home to ” a failed scientist and failing writer”.  Remaining anonymous, but I’m assuming him to be a him, every post is a comic gem. He’s finishing a script for a comedy-drama so I hope someone in TV land takes his comedy seriously.

Doodlemum is Angie Stevens who chronicles her life through the most delightful illustrations which always make me smile.

Scribblah I have so much admiration for Rosie Scribblah who posts up a drawing a day. They are brilliant sketches created while she is out and about.

Errantry Delightful sketches about Daleks would be enough all by itself. But no, there are oodles of other good things created by Kathleen, artist and author.

Photobooth Journal I love this blog! Katherine Anne Griffiths collects and stars in photobooth photos and posts up items from her growing collection.

The Blithering Idiot is Hansi my most favourite 64 year old American male ( how do you know that I don’t know lots of 64 year old American males). His site is full of nonsense verse and brilliant sketches.

Cameocurio is an arts blog created by Hannah and Tammy. It is just jammed pack full of inspirational stuff.

Drawn2Life Jennifer Edwards is a highly creative person who loves (and lives) to draw. Her sketches illustrate her life in a  delightful way and her latest post has really struck a chord with me.

Well, that’s it! If you have got this far then you have witnessed the longest post of my, to date, short blogging career.



24 thoughts on “Walking on Sunshine

  1. Thank you so so much Cathy for this award! You’ve brought a huge ray of sunshine to my day! It might take me a bit to compose my own list, but I will soon! Oh I just love how you illustrated each question’s answer! Very cool!

  2. I am ZORRO! *swishes paintbrush dramatically* I really should fill out my “about me” and be less of a mystery! At the mere mention of the North East I’m home sick. Really enjoyed reading this and am now following a couple of these blogs. Can’t wait for the dragons!

  3. Hurrah! An award! How lovely! Thanks v much and I shall be compiling my list of top 10 blogs asap. This is now officially an excuse to spend like a whole day reading blogs. Keep blogging!

  4. I’m so flattered! Thank you! And I had no idea mine was the first blog you ever commented on (or vice versa). Hooray! I am all for “knowing” other bloggers, even if it’s just through commenting and twitter–it makes it (writing, blogging, life) so much better.

  5. Thanks for the award. i got to tell ya though, I just turned 65. Hope I’m still your favorite older American. Mine is Benjamin Franklin. His picture is on the $100 bill. 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for your very kind description of my blog (and me) above. I probably am male. We can only see if I can break in to TV sometime soon and have my scripts with a chosen reader who’s considering all three hundred and sixty-six pages of the eight-part series in its entirety. Will get feedback from him soon,

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