Slow Motion Car Crash # Day 25

Little Golf’s journey as a piece of art is almost at an end. But Locus + ,who commissioned Jonathan Schipper’s work, have been chronicling her imperceptibly slow demise through time-lapse photography. Do take a look here. It’s mesmerizing to watch everyone scurrying around Little Golf as she slowly concertina’s her body against the wall.

The artwork comes to a close on Friday so I’ll get some final photos then.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll try to get the lowdown from the man himself, Jonathan Schipper, who is returning from the states for the close down.

The following photos were taken on Sunday when the space was closed so I couldn’t get up close and personal. We are also experiencing actual sunshine here in Newcastle so I apologise for the quality of the pictures.






4 thoughts on “Slow Motion Car Crash # Day 25

  1. At this point, I’m amazed at how little damage there seems to be to the passenger section. I guess those crumple points are doing their job. Or maybe from outside we just can’t see what would be happening in the front seat?

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