An Elf Child is born

For the very first time on the Ziggy Shortcrust blog we have an elf child. She has been created especially for This is Lemonade I discovered this little gem of a blog yesterday, left a comment, followed, then received this message;

“I’m bowled over that you draw, love a good brew, have a gorgeous camper van and work in a children’s literature museum. I also draw (drew), and love tea…but I have an imaginary child in an imaginary camper van, for whom I have secretly started a stash of real children’s books whose beautiful illustrations and stories I fell in love with! Please could you elf my imaginary child?”

So here is Elf Child……


I am so taken with this little character I think I might do more with her. Watch this space.

Thank you “This is Lemonade” for the inspiration.


15 thoughts on “An Elf Child is born

  1. I am absolutely honoured! She is simply adorable. This is without a doubt, my favourite elf so far, and (may I say it?) she’s mine! THANK YOU! You’ve made my (rainy) day…the colours are perfect too… I think you’ve really brought her to life. Definitely will be watching this space…and she (and you) are going to be my WOW Wednesday feature this week for sure – when I can find the words…!

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