Not All Elves have Long Faces

As you will be aware, I have a fondness for elves, in particular the Urban Elf. They are far more common than many would imagine but to glimpse one takes time and patience. They are exceptionally fleet of foot when they want to be and are extremely camera-shy. However, I have discovered over time that the Urban Elf is not averse to being sketched, but you have to be quick. You can see some examples here.

This morning I headed down to our local park with the skinny dogs. It was a little after 8am and the air was cool and misty. After playing fetch until the dogs chests heaved and their panting resembled miniature steam trains, we walked across to the woods. We like this area. About an acre of land has been given over to nature, with a copse, and pond, currently teeming with tadpoles, and guaranteed interesting sniffing time (for the dogs that is). Children use this corner of the park as a shortcut to the local school so I took little notice of a child playing near the wildlife pond. She was crouched down at its edge, a stick in her hand, poking around in the shallows. So fully absorbed in her task she failed to notice us until the dogs launched themselves into the water for a paddle and drink. The child squealed sitting back onto her heels and her gaze fell directly upon me. Now it was my turn to be surprised. She had eyes as black as a raven’s wing, a sharpened chin and two delicately pointed ears knifing through tousled hair. I then noticed that her fingers, still wrapped tightly around the stick, were infeasibly long and bony. She leapt to her feet and fled into the cover of the trees with lightening speed. I waited but she didn’t return.

The skinny dogs were somewhat put out to be clipped onto their leads but I had to hurry home so that I could sketch her likeness as faithfully as my memory would allow. However, she has answered a question I have long been asking. Do all elves have long faces? The answer is clearly no, they do not.

Fact or fiction? You decide.


24 thoughts on “Not All Elves have Long Faces

  1. Ziggy you are seriously gifted. This drawing is definitely of someone you saw..
    Fact? For sure, but perhaps not quite as we know it…I don’t believe all of us have the gift and some would say it is fiction..but that does not detract from its charm.
    I’m not sure, but I feel like I know this elfin child. Please do more pencil drawings!

  2. I have enjoyed your 5 minute elves/faces and your whimsy – I think your recent drawing is very beautiful It must be quite overwhelming to work with children’s literature and see all the fantastic illustrations. You are doing very well yourself. I once was an editorial illustrator and tried to get into children’s illustration – however I did not have the ‘right stuff’ for that type of work. It is something different for sure – not sure what it is. I do know I’ve loved reading the young graphic books to my son and now he is grown I miss them. He loves graphic novels now – must have come from all those beautiful books.

    • Seven Stories was created for people like you Jacqueline. Adults who understand the importance of reading for pleasure and want to pass that on to their children. And I would urge all adults, whether children are in your life or not, to keep browsing the children’s section in the bookstore. You’re missing some exquisite, inspirational illustration, and exciting, thought provoking fiction.

  3. A lovely, lovely elf you’ve captured there. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for these little ones. It’s a real pleasure to witness your magic touch. Thank you ziggy

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