29 Faces in May #2

Not sure what to say about this face. I was listening to the Sherlock Holmes film score and a gypsy girl came to mind…or is she? But she is no. 2 in the 29 Faces in May challenge.


And not a pointy ear in sight.


26 thoughts on “29 Faces in May #2

  1. I think its really wonderful what you are doing with these faces 😉 Makes me want to start a Summer Challenge of some sort 😀

  2. Ziggy…you’ve really let some cat out of some bag there…not sure what cat it is or whether the bag is still intact, but you have some serious talent. I am still haunted by the elf girl in the woods story. You have some lovely story-telling skills as well as a magical touch with a pencil..

  3. This face is so very real, but this is certainly not a five minute face, I do also love those five minute faces.

  4. Wow amazing Ziggi – so much detail and how do you get her hair to look so real – you have a wonderfully expressive style

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