29 Faces in May; Let the Cat Out of the Bag

I love getting comments, they are always supportive, often entertaining and sometimes inspirational. This is Lemonade made the comment that I had let the cat out of the bag after posting up the Gypsy Girl. I think they meant that the detailed style revealed a different side to my artistic fumblings. Anyhoo, the comment has led to this, number 5 in the 29 faces in May challenge.



19 thoughts on “29 Faces in May; Let the Cat Out of the Bag

  1. That is one worried cat! (How do they manage to have such clear expressions when so few of their facial muscles move? I suppose it’s in the set of the ears and whiskers and the shape of the eyes.)

    • I couldn’t decide whether to go for realistic or cartoony. As it became patently clear that I couldn’t draw cats I went for the latter. I used the tabby stripes for effect.

  2. Turns out you have more than one cat in the bag…or else you have more bags than one…
    Ziggy, you always surprise me! There is something that suggests to me there is more than the eye can see in that bag..

  3. The Gypsy Girl (Which was absolutely beautiful, by the way! I thought she even looked a little Native American, but I digress.) certainly did show a different artistic side of yours. It was surprising & exciting to see!

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