29 Faces in May; Bowler & Brolly

Thank you so much for all your fabulous suggestions as to what is  stereotypically English.

Doctor Who, Bowler hat and brolly, pinny and hair rollers and Morris Dancer.

I’ve decided to go for the bowler hat and a nod to the suave Jonathan Steed from the UK t.v. series The Avengers.


That’s Elf Steed of course.




10 thoughts on “29 Faces in May; Bowler & Brolly

  1. Certainly is a dashing young fellow. My mind was boggled at the task of describing the stereotypical English person, I thought I’d wait and see what inspiration you would enlighten us all with. You surely are not one to disappoint! 😀

  2. Nice work. – tragically I remember the tv series. There cannot be many englishmen who wear this gear nowadays. Morris dancing is quite rightly alive and well though.

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