29 Faces in May; River Troll

This is number 12 in the 29 Faces in May challenge. She is a River Troll and is inspired by a piece of writing by New Pillow Book. The words in turn are inspired by a photo that is part of a challenge for the Friday Fictioneers. Please pop over to New Pillow Book to her post “Lunacy” to find out a bit more.

I did a little bit of Troll research and discovered that not all are ugly, mean creatures. Some are beautiful and human like, and lure humans into their lair. But the physical descriptions of most had large noses and big ears. She’s not your standard beauty but I think she has a certain allure.



11 thoughts on “29 Faces in May; River Troll

  1. As a fellow “make a finished drawing every day” cartoonist, I am very much enjoying your 29 Faces in May posts. I think you are very brave to post them all– I am either shyer or more of a coward, and only post my favorite once a week.

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