Deer Elf…….

What can I say about this elf? No, I know… tell me about this elf. I love your descriptions and characterisations. What I do know is that he is as far removed from the Jubilee Jollifications as you can get.


12 thoughts on “Deer Elf…….

  1. Could he be Puck himself? Do I see the great trickster, the jester to the great Oberon?

    Thou speak’st aright;
    I am that merry wanderer of the night.
    I jest to Oberon and make him smile
    When I a fat and bean-fed horse beguile,
    Neighing in likeness of a filly foal:
    And sometime lurk I in a gossip’s bowl,
    In very likeness of a roasted crab,
    And when she drinks, against her lips I bob
    And on her wither’d dewlap pour the ale.
    The wisest aunt, telling the saddest tale,
    Sometime for three-foot stool mistaketh me;
    Then slip I from her bum, down topples she,
    And ‘tailor’ cries, and falls into a cough;
    And then the whole quire hold their hips and laugh,
    And waxen in their mirth and neeze and swear
    A merrier hour was never wasted there.

  2. I think I see the faintest hint of a smile – not a very nice one. C. C. Charron probably has the right answer – I’m sure Puck would have a nasty smile for his victims! (Or then again, maybe this is Oberon listening to one of Puck’s stories!)

  3. He’s a “Punk” and not happy at all about the Jubilee thingamagig stuff going on in the Kingdom! But looks like he has a plan to upset the Queen and her subjects!

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