And the winner is…………

To celebrate my one hundredth post I offered up an original Ziggy Elf for adoption. But you had to tell me why your home would be a suitable place for my elf.

Possible adopters were; Rivenrod, Hansi, C.C.Charron, Helen, and Rosie.

Now, Rivenrod had cupcakes and a harpsichord entrancement on offer, with minuet dancing on the side. Elves tend to avoid sugary confectionary, it plays havoc with their skin, but adore a dance to a good tune. Oh so close Rivenrod, but I’m afraid not quite the right environment for an elf.

Hansi needed a replacement for his toxic garden gnome. Elves are all for ousting other faery folk out of the way, but not if it means sitting outside all day on a toadstool with a fishing rod. So alas, not quite the right home.

Christopher wanted the elf, not for himself, but for the lonely troll who lives under his local bridge. According to Christopher, the troll rubbed his tummy on hearing of the possibility of an elf friend. Christopher, for heaven’s sake, NO!! Don’t ever trust a troll.

Rosie wanted the elf to instil some discipline into her wayward kitty. Now, I have to say this is right up an elf’s street. However, the likelihood of a cat surviving Elf Training is slim. So for the sake of lovely Sparta the cat I have to refuse Rosie’s kind offer of an elf.

Which leaves Helen’s offer of adoption. Here it is in full;

Foresooth fair lady of the Elves.. would you foresake your loyal and trusty follower by giving the treasured Lady Elf to another.. Alas and Alack if you do I may have to hang myself from the Weeping Willow tree that graces my garden and which has a hollow beneath it that lies ready for just such a Lady Elf to inhabit…”

For starters I’m described as “fair lady of the elves.” And flattery is always welcome. The dramatic suggestion of suicide is cause for concern. But, a hollow beneath a Weeping Willow is the clincher. A perfect habitat for a Ziggy Elf who will be heading down south for a new life in Cambridgeshire. Congratulations Helen, and to everyone else thank you so much for your wonderful and creative replies.

There will be more give aways to come.

Ooh and before I forget, here’s Titania 🙂









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