Elf Portrait; Joyce Elf

This very demure looking creature is the elfter ego of Joyce, who hails from New South Wales, Australia. I discovered Joyce through the 29 Faces in May challenge and was totally bowled over by the beautiful, serene portraits she creates. Pop over to have a look at her blog Joyful Art Stuff and say hello. Her latest face has been ingeniously inspired by mint ice cream.

I used Joyce’s Gravatar as reference, but had to ignore the fact that she was joyfully smiling. This is because elves don’t smile, well, not in public anyway.

If you would like to be “elfed” or have an idea for an elf face leave a comment here. I’ll get doodling, post it up and link to your blog.


14 thoughts on “Elf Portrait; Joyce Elf

  1. You indeed are “magnificent” dear Ziggy! I adore my elfter ego. Gonna go and blog about it now – thanks heaps – i owe you a cuppa tea

  2. I’d sure like to meet Joy – even though you’ve tried to suppress the smile, I can see it during through those curling lips! Great pic and words!

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