Celebrity Elves in July; The Marx Brothers

I’ve set myself what is turning out to be a ridiculous challenge of a Celebrity Elf for each day in July. That’s 31 faces. 31 faces that have to resemble a famous person. What was I thinking!!!!! So I’ve spent the last two days in a drunken stupor contemplating the error of my ways. Of course that’s two days without an elfed celebrity in sight. So in order to catch up I present to you the elfter egos of The Marx Brothers. As there are four of them that gives me an elf in hand, so to speak. Ah yes, there is a method in my madness.



Harpo, Groucho, Zeppo, Chico

Actually there were five brothers, the fifth being Gummo. However, he only appeared in the stage shows and not the movies. Zeppo was in the first five films, and having looked closely at many images of him I swear he is part elf.

Thank you so much for the suggestions for celebrity elves. I’m working on them; Orlando Bloom is proving to be a challenge, Elf-vis, coming on well and I can’t wait to elf up Frankie Boyle. Any other ideas are gratefully received. Leave a comment and if I use your elf I will link back to your blog.

Enjoy your weekend. I’m returning to a darkened room and a bottle of Mother’s Ruin.

18 thoughts on “Celebrity Elves in July; The Marx Brothers

  1. How about an elfish Kate Winslet? I’m looking forward to Frankie Boyle though! He’s more of a troll surely??? (you know, alcohol is great for creativity….) 🙂

  2. Ha – these are excellent – I know nothing of these guys tho. Now the Proclaimers would be good – they are playing at the festival here next week – come to think of it, so are the Waterboys – Mike Scott would make a great elf – he’s already half a the faorie world anyway.

    • I would love to see a Proclaimers gig. Of course it’s embarrassing to hear an English person singing along to a Proclaimers song. It can’t be done without a fake Scottish accent.

      • Ha – we saw them on new years eve in Aberdeen a few years back – they were great. It’s quite funny how a lot of English folk can’t do scots accents. To be fair – there aren’t that many scots who sound like the Proclaimers. Accents are as diverse here as they are south of the border.

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