Celebrity Elves in July; The Proclaimers

Celebrity Elves in July numbers 10 and 11 are twin brothers Craig and Charlie Reid. Together they are The Proclaimers. I absolutely love their music and can’t understand why they aren’t more famous. Although having said that I’ve yet to have luck getting tickets to their gigs when they’ve hit Newcastle.

I believe I have drawn Charlie on the left and Craig on the right. And I’ve caught a better likeness of Craig. Or maybe I’ve drawn Frankie Boyle twice. You decide.

I would like to thank Craig at The Artshed for this suggestion. He creates amazing art…….from a shed. I think shed- working  sounds so romantic but perhaps he would beg to differ. Anyway pop over and say hello.

15 thoughts on “Celebrity Elves in July; The Proclaimers

    • Apparently they are celebrating 25 years in “the business.” And I remember Letter to America being shown for the first time on The Tube. Yes, I couldn’t have drawn them without their glorious red hair.

  1. Haha – these are great! Thanks for the mention! I don’t suppose its a good point to say that I’ll be seeing the Proclaimers tomorrow night at the Hebridean Celtic Festival?!

    • Well that’s just rubbing salt in the wound. And what an amazing line up. I got Chasing Owls album after hearing them on the radio last year, so I’m doubly jealous. Have a brilliant time 🙂

  2. I will! Just listened to Chasing Owls for the first time – hadn’t heard them before – might be worth a look. Lots of great Scottish bands on the go just now – Admiral Fallow are my fave at the moment.

      • It was great – the Proclaimers were fab – apparently their performance here a few years back was poor so they had to make an effort this time. I loved Admiral Fallow and Roddy Woomble. The Waterboys blew the place apart on saturday night – probably the best I’ve seen them – think that was the seventh time. 🙂

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