Celebrity Elves in July; The Magnificent Seven

Well, I am way behind in this challenge. 7 days in fact. So whadda you get? The Magnificent Seven…Elfed! Yes I know some of these are a little dubious and Tall Man has been very critical. Yul Brynner makes for a gorgeous elf and it was a pleasure to scrutinise the many images of him on the internet. The others, although very handsome men, were pants to elf up! Poor old Brad Dexter hardly gets a look in, but then he’s always the one you forget when asked to name the Magnificent Seven. Now that I know them so intimately I pray that question comes up in a pub quiz. Can you name them all without turning to Google?

My favourite character though is the manic Calvera played by Eli Wallach.  Whether he would make a good elf is debatable, but what are the Magnificent Seven without him?

12 thoughts on “Celebrity Elves in July; The Magnificent Seven

  1. Cleverly covering your back Ziggy!! I am not a Magnificent 7 officiando though I know I have seen it at least once.. but I can easily recognise, Steve Mcqueen, Yul Bryner, James Coburn and Robert Vaughn.. so we can expect Calvera tomorrow can we ??

  2. Heya…enjoying the sunshine? It just occured to me that I hadn’t seen your posts for a while and I thought WP was doing another one on me (issues with my WP reader). Seems you’re just out and about enjoying the sunshine, at least I hope you are well and soaking up the vitamin D! Take care – thought I’d pass by to say hi 🙂

    • Not been that sunny up here, but your comment has really brightened me up. Thank you sooo much for popping by to say hello. I’ve been using after work blog time to get Sunny the Splitty ready for a show and Imaginary daughter “commissioned” a Khaleesi Elf for her birthday. Should be back on track now though. I really am touched by your comment. Hope all’s well with you 🙂

      • Hi Ziggy! Glad it’s something exciting that’s been keeping you away. You mustn’t forget that you’re my first friend in blogspace so of course I noticed you weren’t around 🙂
        I trust Sunny the Splitty is looking fab (will we see any piccies?) and you should by all means prioritise imaginary daughter’s commissioned piece. As for me, I’m getting all carried away with our medals of the day! Are you watching the Olympics at all? 🙂

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