Celebrity Elves in July; Bradley Wiggins

As far as my challenge to post up a celebrity elf each day in July is concerned….I’ve failed! But this elf is a true winner. The first British cyclist to win the Tour de France, Mr Bradley Wiggins. He may not have been a celebrity at the start of July but he sure is now.




7 thoughts on “Celebrity Elves in July; Bradley Wiggins

  1. He did brilliantly and you’ve captured him very well… and hey it doesn’t matter that you didn’t do the challenge.. except we missed your posts.. but summer WAS here for a week and needed to be taken advantage of Ziggy.

  2. Ha – nice one. I was going to do a drawing of him but you beat me to it. Daily challenges are a bit of a commitment in the summer. I’m doing a photo one but it’s weekly so less pressure.

  3. Spot on, what a year for Wiggo eh? Maybe you should consider sending him this portrait as a commemorative piece for his great Tour de France and Olympic wins as well as the imminent knighthood that’s surely on it’s way now that he’s beaten legend Sir Steve! Don’t forget to sign the portrait first ๐Ÿ™‚

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