Normal Service Will Be Resumed

It may be apparent to those who regularly pop by this blog that I like Elves. They are not to every ones liking given their mischievous tomfoolery which often leads to misfortune or death. But I love them and I love drawing them and post up inky doodled elves almost every day.Then I made the mistake of setting myself a challenge; Celebrity Elves in July. I declared that I would produce a celebrity inspired elf every day during that month. That’s 31 faces that had to resemble a famous person. It started well with Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson was a little dodgy and Lemmy left a lot to be desired, but Elvis rocked. Then came Orlando. Stupid, stupid Orlando! He Bloomin’ refused to elf up and I had to abandon him. My elf whispering abilities took a knock. What was happening to me? I decided to take a break from Blogging. Days elapsed so then I had to play catch up in order to meet the challenge; The Marx Brothers (4) The Proclaimers  (2). I was burning the fine liner at both ends but in a desperate bid to reach my goal I elfed up….The Magnificent Seven (7). It was painful to behold. They didn’t even look like The Magnificent Seven. But I didn’t care because that was 18 elves down 13 to go. But my heart wasn’t in it and I popped my fineliners back in a drawer and closed the lid of my laptop. The art of elfing had deserted me! In one last ditched effort to regain my powers I produced Bradley Wiggins Elf, and slumped back, exhausted and confused.

Then it dawned on me. Celebrities aren’t real! Of course they are human like in appearance but quite clearly they are the imaginings of fevered human brains. Only a made up creature could have such perfect skin, pearly white teeth, and well toned body. No wonder I couldn’t draw them, not only do they all look the same they don’t exist!

My dear follower, please excuse my folly. I have seen the error of my ways and will draw nothing but real life elves. I will continue to hone my Elf Whispering skills to coax these elusive creatures out from the bottom of my garden and sketch, doodle and draw their likeness.  In fact here’s a little chap now and he’s got something to say….








12 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Be Resumed

  1. Aw but I did enjoy your elfed celebs! Still do a few here and there if you feel inspired! There are NO RULES in art. That’s what we all love about it, yeah?

  2. Elfish celebs were great, I was amazed by how you got some of the most uncanny likenesses. I can really see that bonkers is well and truly back in service though, welcome back! How’s the sunshinemobil?
    Love this cheeky peachy faced elf, doesn’t look up to much good if you ask me…and even if you don’t ask me 😛

  3. Yay, so pleased you’re back 🙂 – I feel a bit responsible for your trauma as I was the one that suggested Orlando!!! xx

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