Game of Thrones; Khaleesi Elf

Imaginary Daughter is fully immersed in Game of Thrones the HBO medieval-fantasy drama series. She has watched seasons 1 and 2 and is now consuming the novels that inspired the T.V series. And that’s no mean feat. Those books are mighty tomes. So for her birthday she commissioned a portrait of the Khaleesi, elfed up of course. This is the result.


Moon of my Life


11 thoughts on “Game of Thrones; Khaleesi Elf

  1. There is an ethereal quality to this one definitely. I’m not with the times, Game of Thrones is not in my vocabulary really, but there is something else in this drawing. Must be good stuff. I think it’s the hair. Gorgeous.

    • If you are a Lord of the Rings person you’ll love G of T. If not it’s worth watching for the opening titles which are beautiful. The character of Khaleesi is white blonde and devoid of make up. She is elf like so worked well.

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