Elf Portrait; Vincent Mars

Vincent Mars! What a wondrous name, and just like my elves he exists. Vincent can be found at the strange and etherial blog Boy with a Hat.

Vincent describes himself as aĀ “20-year-old high-school drop-out from Eastern Europe writing a story in English that might bring me immortality. I wear a hat.” Being elfed can aid immortality and here is Vincent’s “elfter ego.”


If you would like to be elfed leave a comment here and I’ll get scribbling and link back to your blog.

7 thoughts on “Elf Portrait; Vincent Mars

  1. Fabulous! This is so delicately drawn Ziggy it is the elf with the most beautiful ears yet. I love it!
    Reminds me to go back to the old days to take a look at my imaginary elf-child. I haven’t seen her in a while, just going to check up on her…you’re one lovely talent Ziggy šŸ™‚

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