29 Faces in September #6; Yarn Elf

This elf is very helpful to knitters. She will sit happily for hours holding skeins of wool for you to wind up into balls. And she always carries a spare pair of knitting needles.

She was inspired by this post from Sharon over at A Number of Things, who has so much stuff she couldn’t find her yarn. This little elf would be only too willing to assist.






15 thoughts on “29 Faces in September #6; Yarn Elf

    • Well if you like it I’m happy 🙂 The eye glint might be because I’m in the back of the campervan in a field trying to take photos. Elves often derive great pleasure from seeing humans struggle with simple tasks.

  1. I love,love,love her eyes! I wouldn’t call that glint evil though,I’d say she has music inside her eyes as my father used to say. It means there’s a bit of mischief there but also deep thoughts that most will never hear.
    Also I speak nonsence at midnight aparently.

  2. I hope she doesn’t get drummed out of Elfdom for being helpful! Maybe just as you’re ready to start winding up the yarn she’s offering, it transmutes into another color or weight – that seems suitably elfin, doesn’t it? Or maybe it’s all right as long as you never thank her… But basically, Ziggy, she’s marvelous!

  3. excellent, excellent.. Oooo one of my favourites and I love what you said here “Elves often derive great pleasure from seeing humans struggle with simple tasks.”
    When is your book coming out 😉 I shall expect a signed copy!

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