29 Faces in September; Cafe Characters

I am a great admirer of Rosie Scribblah who describes herself as “artist, printmaker, scribbler and ageing headbanger.”  And as all good artists should, she sketches….constantly. I’ve dubbed her the “Martini Sketcher” because she can sketch anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Check out her blog here.

So, inspired by Rosie I sat in my favourite cafe in Newcastle and sketched the occupants. They are faces 18, 19, 20 and 21 in the 29 Faces in September challenge.


Not fiction, fact!

13 thoughts on “29 Faces in September; Cafe Characters

  1. Thanks for the recommended new reading material! I love your sketches 🙂 It’s always great to see you show different styles or tools in your work, you’re so multi-talented!

    Thanks also for not leaving us in there usual fact out fiction quandary today. I’m so exhausted and ready for the weekend I appreciate the certainty that this is a fact. What a relief 😉

    I was actually sketching today during a work meeting, tut-tut! Some would call it doodling, I thought of it more as sketching my imagination 🙂

  2. Way cool. Nice to see some ‘sketches’; like your faster work. I’m with ya on Rosie. She’s a very talented (hate that word) artist who is doing her art all the time. She’s an inspiration to me….as are you 🙂

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