29 Faces in September; Scrumping Sprite

No, not the drink. I just couldn’t think of anything alliterative to go with “elf.”

Just as dusk fell this evening The Skinny Dogs grew restless. I let them out of the kitchen door and they sped off toward the bottom of the garden, barking with excitement. Fearing they were on the tail of a neighbourhood cat I followed. But no. They had disturbed this little creature who was scrumping from our apple tree.

He fled empty-handed but became Number 22 in my 29 Faces in September challenge.

(I’m not sure if it’s a universally used word, but scrumping means to steal apples or pears from an orchard. Usually a children’s past-time and it doesn’t count unless you’ve skinned your knees climbing over the orchard wall.)


Fact or fiction? You decide.


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