29 Faces in September; Bye Baby Bunting

This summer Britain has been festooned with bunting. The Union Jack variety. First because of the Queens jubilee and then the Olympics. Last week I went to look at an exhibition by artist Andrew Miller at Baltic 39 in Newcastle. One room was strung with row after row of bunting presumably questioning the country’s celebratory mood. You can find out more here. I thought it beautiful.


All the while I have had in my head;

Bye Baby Bunting

Daddy’s gone a hunting

Gone to fetch a rabbit skin

To wrap poor Baby Bunting in.

In this case “bunting” means chubby, so here is a roly-poly  baby elf. And he is Number 25 in the 29 Faces challenge.

12 thoughts on “29 Faces in September; Bye Baby Bunting

  1. The eyes have it. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful – he must be real. I know he’s real and not imaginary.
    I’m addicted to bunting. I don’t own any yet but it makes me happy to see it. I have a plan to succumb to all the DIY bunting tutorials to be found all over the American Internet at some point and then do what has been done above. You know what happens when you do that at home though. No one goes around regularly checking if the spiders have made friends with your bunting…hmm…

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