29 Faces in September; Doodle Man

I doodle, I sketch, I draw and out come faces. I can’t help myself. So a scrap of paper ended up on my desk at work today and from the end of my wandering pen out came this guy. I wasn’t thinking of balding, tubby men so I can’t explain him away. And there is no story to accompany him, although I think he deserves one. He’s not even an elf! What he is, is Face Number 26 in the 29 Faces in September challenge.


Can you give him a story?

10 thoughts on “29 Faces in September; Doodle Man

  1. Every family has to have an embarrassing member. It’s in the Rules. In our family, that would be Cousin Benny.

    You want to know what’s humiliating about being related to Benny? No, it’s not that he’s kind of plump. You can see much fatter people right out in public any day. And it’s not that he has a head shaped like a slightly squashed squash. We’re rather proud of that particular family trait, thank you. No. It’s the combover.

    I can see just looking at your expression that you think I’m being too picky. Yes, of course, there are lots of balding men who think nobody will notice their gleaming skull if they grow a few strands of hair from just above the ear long enough to stretch aaalllll the way across to the other ear. Silly, but ordinary. But Benny can’t even get the idea right. One hair from ear to ear across his eyes just isn’t the normal look. And adding that extra-long bit of eyebrow drooping over his nose doesn’t help.

    So tell me about your relatives…

  2. But I was always rather fond of Cousin Benny, in spite of his combover and obvious overindulgence. I remember with fondness, many an evening spent finishing off the scraps of food together and laughing over stories of the day whilst everyone went to slouch in front of the telly. He had the cosiest tartan slippers, with the seams stretching somewhat along the sides and a little worn around the tips where his toes were always threatening to poke out. He was never much good at the old crossword, but I could never beat him at Scrabble…

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