29 Faces in September; Doodle Man 2

It has been a long and very busy day at work. So I didn’t get chance to put pen to paper artistically speaking. Doodle Man 2 was on the same scrap of paper as  yesterday’s original  Doodle Man who I now know to be Cousin Benny; a man with an embarrassing comb over and snugly fitting tartan slippers. Thank you so much Sharon at A Number of Things and This is Lemonade for fleshing out this character. take a look at the comments on yesterdays post to find out more about Benny. If anybody wants to add to this please do.

So….. Doodle Man 2. Unlike Benny, he is elvish but I would love to know more. Who is Doodle Man 2?


Only three more faces to go!

5 thoughts on “29 Faces in September; Doodle Man 2

  1. Definitely a tough guy, but I think I see a little nervousness in his eyes – a lot more than most of your elves would deign to let anyone see. Maybe some anxiety about his status in the elvish pecking order?? On the other hand, there’s also an unelvish hint of a grin at the corners of his mouth, so maybe he doesn’t take his tough guy pose as seriously as you’d think at first glance. Could he be part human, I wonder?

    We already know that there’s an elf, or at least a fairy, named Puck. Could this one’s name possibly be Punk? 😉 (Sorry…another shameless irresistible lapse.)

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