Mist, Mint and a Mini Cooper S

The weather up North has been fantastic this weekend and I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy it with friends in Northumberland.

It started with early morning mist in the Coquet Valley.

Ready chilled mint growing wild in the hedgerow

Autumn colours.

Local wildlife.

Hoare frost on the car roof.

The stunning Cheviot Hills.

Some jolly fine classic vehicles.

including my mate’s newly restored Mini Cooper S

And finished off with a beautiful sunset.

But even though I was out in the growing gloom, I still didn’t meet the Simonside Duargar

How did you spend your weekend?

19 thoughts on “Mist, Mint and a Mini Cooper S

  1. Wow – what fantastic pics! Is that a mini cooper s as in only 1000 of them were made? My uncle has one and it is stunning ( and noisy). Weather was/is great here too- didn’t see as much of the crunchyside (kids name for it) as you did though.

    • You are too kind. Yep, a rare mini cooper s. My friend restores minis as a hobby. He’s got a traveller that is going through the same treatment. And I love the word “crunchyside.” With all that frost it really was crunchy.

  2. Wonderful pictures. We planned to drive up the California coast to Big Sur, and attend a jade festival (bunch of old hippies sitting around listening to music and getting stoned) but rather painted our damn kitchen. That’s how my “F”ing weekend went πŸ™‚

  3. Beautiful photos. I particularly love the one of the Cheviot Hills. Of course, Sunny is looking dapper as usual and it’s so good for the soul to see a proper quality Mini Cooper after seeing so many imposters on the roads these days πŸ˜›

  4. Fantastic Photos Ziggy… just wonderful.. My weekend … Sadly I took my friend/lover to a bus and off he went to Cheltenham and soon he will be back in Los Angeles 😦 for at least 7 months.. we may never meet again but we sure had some fun this summer πŸ˜€

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