I Spy An Elf for All Hallow’s Eve

Hallowe’en or All Hallows Eve is the time of the year when the door to the OtherWorld is left ajar and the souls of the dead dine with the living. It is also an opportunity for elven folk to slip through unseen as they mingle with guising mortals. It is easy for an elf to remain undetected amongst so many people caked in face paints, smeared in fake blood and sporting gruesome masks. Would you be drawn up short by someone with pointy ears? Not around Hallowe’en. But if you know what to look for you’ll find an elf or two.

Elves have incredible night-time vision. Their pupils dilate to let in as much light as possible and often reflect light back, like a dog, or wolf. I spotted this creature weaving her way amongst the Hallowe’en revellers around Newcastle Central Station late on Wednesday evening. Eyes as black as coal gave her away.


Fact or fiction? You decide.


20 thoughts on “I Spy An Elf for All Hallow’s Eve

  1. Fact. I’ve never seen such beautiful hair on humans before.
    I was wondering how you’d been and am glad that when I checked, you were found to be alive and your pencil in fine form. Hope to have found you to be likewise, in fine form. Happy November! 🙂

    • Happy November 🙂
      It’s been a busy week; launch of new exhibition and half term. I’ve been dressed as a Viking and attempting to train my dragons! I’ve been staying up way past my bedtime in order to “Elf Watch” 🙂

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