The Cinder Track Boggle

Just a few yards from my mum’s house in the North Yorkshire village of Burniston is The Cinder Track; the old disused Scarborough to Whitby railway line. It was in use from 1885 to 1965 but is now a route through delightful countryside for walkers, cyclists and horse riders. I’ve been walking the skinny dogs along the stretch between the villages of Burniston and Cloughton for many years and it looks beautiful in any season but last week it was particularly festive. Mother Nature had decorated the trees with giant fuzzy baubles and shiny red globes. Garlands of frosted ivy clung to dry stone walls while pale bare boughs thrust upward to the sky like picked clean turkey bones. The air was sharp and clean and the winter sun cast a glow to rival any string of fairy lights.







The skinny dogs and I were having so much fun exploring The Cinder Track that we failed to realize how late it was. Dusk was falling.




It was then that Mischa Skinny Dog heard something in the hedgerow….


Out from the undergrowth came crashing a hideous creature. I instantly recognised it to be a Boggle, an unpleasant breed of elf. A few miles up the track is Boggle Hole, a cave in the cliffs where these mischievous little characters dwell. What was he doing so far from home? I had little time to ponder the question as he grabbed hold of me and dragged me toward an old gnarled tree. An opening appeared and we disappeared into the trunk with the Skinny Dogs hot on our heels.  How they fought that hairy beast. The Boggle quickly surrendered and pushed the three of us back out onto the track.

I swear we were gone but minutes and yet I found three weeks had elapsed with Christmas nearly upon us! Strangely, no-one had missed me so I fear a Ziggy Changeling may well have been abroad. She kindly did all my Christmas shopping and snogged all the men at the works Christmas Party. (Something I clearly would never do.) But she appears to be technophobic as my blog has not been attended to.

But I am back now, and would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May the only elves you meet be Santa’s Little Helpers.


The Cinder Track Boggle

Fact or fiction? You decide.


16 thoughts on “The Cinder Track Boggle

  1. A perfectly logical explanation! And your changeling doesn’t seem to be too bad – at least she took care of the shopping and made your (male) co-workers happy! Anyway, welcome back, glad you’re safe and sound, and Merry Christmas.

    • Ha! Mind boggling….very good 🙂 I have no idea what the fuzzy baubles were in the tree, but almost as weird as Kangaroo Paws.
      The skinny dogs wish Ruby a Merry Christmas and hope she’s not too hot.

  2. That explains the half answered tweets about the factional trip to London 😛 Not complaining mind but I was suspicious about those mysterious replies. It did sound as though you had slipped through a hole in a tree. I did wonder at the time but thankfully no harm done. Everyone got their presents and no one’s any the wiser. I won’t tell…
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas. I should go to bed but there’s no point. Got to get through another 365 sleeps before Santa visits again. Might as well postpone this sleep a little longer! Merry new year! X

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