Janus Elf; Looking Forward to 2013

January takes its name from Janus; the Roman God of beginnings and transitions. Traditionally he is shown with two heads, one looking to the future, the other to the past. For many, January 1st, New Year’s Day, brings with it a sense of hope for the coming year, and an opportunity to reflect upon the one that has just ended. New diaries are opened, calendars hung and resolutions made.

I have a beautiful calendar upon which to mark important dates for 2013. It has been created by artist Nancy Farmer, whose wonderfully whimsical blog I follow. Please pop over and take a peek.

This is Mr January.


Of course, he’s a fairy. In fact there are 78 in total to entertain me over the coming 12 months. How could I resist this calendar? As you can see, it is tantalizingly blank at the moment which either means I have yet to write on it or I need to get a life!

I prefer not to make resolutions or look to the past, that way I have learned can lead to regret and disappointment. It’s not that I ignore what went before, my past contributes toward the person I am, it’s my history. I just don’t dwell on what might have been.

So it was with absolute delight that I spied this elf amongst the New Year’s Day revellers. I knew he was meant for me. The face, or mask to the left, although acknowledging the past, is staring with unseeing eyes. Janus is looking to the right, staring intently at the future. I wonder what it holds?

Janus elf

Let’s raise a glass to 2013. Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Janus Elf; Looking Forward to 2013

  1. What a marvelous Janus Elf portrait, Ziggy! Was he willing to pose?

    And while I have no idea why your January fairy is working on a Rubik’s cube, his expression makes him look as if he’s about to pull something amazing out of the puzzle for the new year.

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