An Illustrated Letter From Ziggy with Love

I read a very interesting post by Erin on her blog For The Love of Bookshops. It was about Nina Sankovitch who, in order to combat depression brought about by the death of her sister,  read a book a day for a year. You can read the post here. Erin also mentioned that she shared Nina’s support of endangered things such as books, independent book shops, libraries and the written letter. I practically live in book shops, read copiously, and hang around my local library. And I used to love writing letters. But who does that now? It’s so easy to text and email that very few of us put pen to paper.

So I have decided to write a letter a day throughout 2013. But more than words, it will be an illustrated letter in a Ziggy style. I could just restrict this to family and friends, but my family is small and I have no friends. Would you like to help me in this challenge? If you would like to receive an illustrated hand written letter, email me your address to ziggy dot shortcrust at gmail dot com. It would be great to see just how far around the world a Ziggy drawing could go. Of course if you would like to return a letter to me that would be fantastic. I’ll post it up on the blog.

Of course, if only I had thought of this sooner I would be prepared with writing paper and envelopes, and possibly a fountain pen….or quill. All I could find was some Wizardology paper, which actually is quite fun.

These are letters 1 and 2 to my Mum and brother. It’ll be a shock as I haven’t written in years. Mum and I are on the phone all the time and my brother and I email each other.

Illustrated letter 1

Illustrated letter 2

I do hope you can help me with this challenge. Lets revive the art of letter writing.

32 thoughts on “An Illustrated Letter From Ziggy with Love

  1. Oh my god, Ziggy, ‘I don’t have any friends…’
    GET OUT!!
    Nina S: Yeah, you know? I stumbled on her ‘book a day’ blog about a year ago and I was really impressed. That is just incredible! Lately, I’m happy if I can do a book a month :/
    And omg, get a real letter from you?? For reals? All right, I will be sending you my address quick. How amazing!
    I used to love writing letters too and I never ever do anymore, but I get all Charlton Heston when it comes to printed books FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS, I bellow, will they ever pull out printed books from my grip and put an eReader in my shriveled claw. Here’s to more reading in 2013; to more letters, more words, more art–no seriously, can I pop over and bring the sparkling wine? You got me in a toast-y mood.

  2. great idea ! hope you can manage a letter every day. I would love to receive a hand written letter by the most excellent elf scribbler in the world!

  3. Oooh, I am so excited that I might receive a letter from Ziggy! What a fantastic challenge to set yourself, there’s nothing better than receiving a handwritten letter in the mail.

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