Illustrated Letter 4; Down Under…Again

Well, I’ve never sent a letter to Australia before, and now I’ve sent two in one week! Two Ziggy Elves winging their way to Victoria and now New South Wales.

Letter number 4 has gone to Joyce at Joyful Art Stuff, a wonderful creative blog full of whimsical portraits and handmade jewellery. Didn’t want to spoil the surprise for Joyce by revealing the elf contained in the letter, but here is the illustrated envelope.

If you want to receive an illustrated letter as part of my challenge to revive the art of letter writing take a look here.

illustrated letter 4 Joyce

11 thoughts on “Illustrated Letter 4; Down Under…Again

  1. Thanks Ziggy! love the pandas! Can’t wait to receive my letter in the snail mail. I’ll try to be creative and mail you something special, can’t wait to do that either. Joyce from Oz

    • You don’t have to reveal anything…although now I am totally intrigued. Don’t use your personal email, then I won’t know your name, which to me is Lemmony Blogitt anyway 😉 And yes you’ve got all year x

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