Here Comes the Mirror Man

The other morning Tall Man was getting ready to go out and was checking himself in front of the mirror. As he smoothed back his hair and fiddled on with straightening his collar I stood next to him facing the mirror. I chatted away, not directly to him, but to his reflection. And it was quite a shock. He didn’t quite look like himself; his mouth moved differently, his hair was parted to the wrong side and his smile was lopsided. Presumably, I looked off kilter to him although he never mentioned it.

Today I had my hair cut and while chatting to my hair dresser’s reflection in the mirror it dawned on me. He’s the only other person who sees me as I do. He sees my mirror image. Everyone else sees the reverse. And try to look at each other outside of the mirror and, well, it all seems wrong.

While deep in conversation I turned in my chair to talk to him directly. He was stooped down somewhere near my left ear, and could have turned to face me. But no, he kept his eye trained on my reflection in the mirror. Which was a little off-putting quite frankly, so I turned back to talk to “Mirror Man” instead. And we both relaxed.

Would you like to see my hair dresser? Here he is.


My hairdresser

Here Comes the Mirror Man. Says he’s a Ziggy Fan.

Fact or Fiction? You decide.


14 thoughts on “Here Comes the Mirror Man

  1. Fiction dear Ziggy, he looks more like a pirate to me, but i wouldn’t mind this gorgeous looking creature giving me a hairdo!

  2. Very intriguing. Unusually for a hairdresser, I don’t see much hair being shown off, what crazy hair is hiding under that top hat I wonder. That pair of scissors hints at the skill I believe he has though. Very broody for a hairdresser. Doesn’t look like he’s much of a chatterbox…

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