Illustrated Letters 8 and 9; off to Germany and California

I have embarked on a challenge to revive the art of letter writing by composing one a day for the year. But not just the written word, each one is illustrated with a Ziggy elf.

Here are letters 8 and 9 for two lovely people who agreed to join in. Firstly a little elf is off to Germany to live with Geralin, creator of The Colourful Sketchbook. She deftly produces with simple lines delightful images. Take a look. I can’t show the contents of the letter, it’ll spoil the surprise for Geralin, but I’ve illustrated the envelope. Somebody had to get a Skinny Dog and Geralin is the first.

Letter number 9 is going all the way to Southern California. I wish I could squeeze into the envelope and bask in some of that lovely sunshine. But I don’t think Hansi would be too keen. He is the recipient of the latest letter and creator of Hansi’s Hallucinations. How can I describe his blog? Do you know, I don’t think I could find the words to adequately do it justice. His tag line is “The Drawings and Rants of a Mad Man” which does it nicely. Head on over and say hello. Hansi gets a VDub Splitty ‘cos campervans and California go hand in hand.


Illustrated letter 8 Geralin


Illustrated letter 9

But if I am to complete 365 I require some help. I need more people to send them to. If you would like an Illustrated Letter you’ll find the details here.








17 thoughts on “Illustrated Letters 8 and 9; off to Germany and California

  1. Oh what a CUTE campervan! These are beautiful Ziggy. Don’t know how you manage to keep it up all the time, but then, you are the successful perpetrator of an elf a day 😛 There is no reason why you would not be able to write 365 letters a year 😉

  2. Oh boy, oh boy, I love receiving letters and I just got my very own graced with a dapper dachshund & a mysterious Snowy Elf (your #18). For someone who’s never drawn a doxi before, I’d say you certainly nailed him Ziggy. I totally will reply, but wanted to advise that I’ve got it and it’s very, very special. Also wanted to say that I’m doing a blog post on your mission; folks need to see this Ziggy…your art is AMAZING and your imagination is endless! :0)

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