Elves Like Trucking and They Like to Truck

Last week Tall Man and I were waiting our turn in a queue of vehicles at a roundabout when an articulated lorry approached from the right. It was a driver training truck with the driver under instruction. The roundabout in question is notorious as an accident black spot and it always makes me anxious. But the driver manoeuvred his gigantic vehicle around the lanes with ease. We were both very impressed and I wondered what it would be like to drive an HGV. “Probably easier than the campervan”, was Tall Man’s reply. Then, just yesterday, I was walking home with the Skinny Dogs and we had to wait on the pavement while a trucker reversed his petrol tanker across the path and into the station forecourt. It was such a tight spot and he had to avoid parked cars and pedestrians. But he completed the task without a scratch or a bump. On closer inspection of the driver I was surprised to see it was in fact an elf in the cab. I had no idea that they enjoyed life on the road. I also noted that he enjoyed chomping on a Yorkie.


trucker elf

I fear the Elf Trucker may have been a little confused as to which kind of Yorkie he should pop in his mouth.

A fine example of trucking life can be found courtesy of Not the Nine O’ Clock News

(Please note, no Yorkshire Terriers were harmed in the making of this post)

13 thoughts on “Elves Like Trucking and They Like to Truck

  1. I’m with you – i didn’t think there would be Truckie Elves in England! Do you think they ever take a break from driving, and i wonder what a truckie elf does if/when in his spare time!

  2. If you get anxious at roundabouts, try driving on the wrong side of the road. Got a big dose of that when in New Zealand. Oh yeah…throw in a fourteen hour flight from LAX to Auckland, and things really get crazy 🙂

  3. I’m not sure whether I’m more concerned about that trucker and his misguided taste for the hairy kind of Yorkie.. or the slightly disconcertingly beribboned and happy-looking Yorkie about to be chomped… :S

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