Dachshunds and Slipper Baths

I am over halfway through the first month of my yearlong challenge to revive the lost art of letter writing. I’m going to write a letter a day, 365 of them. That’s hand written letters that you slip into an envelope, attach a stamp to and pop in a post box. Remember doing that? However, I have decided to illustrate each letter with a Ziggy Elf.

I can’t show you the contents of the letters, that would spoil it for the receivers, but I have illustrated the envelopes. Letters 18 and 19 are heading Stateside.

The first of these two has gone to Texas to Donna L Sadd. Donna is a blogger and author of “Lucci the No Smoochie Poochie” the story of a dachshund that doesn’t like kisses. I’m rather fond of dachshunds, I think they have the loveliest of faces, but I’ve never drawn one……until now.

illustrated letter 18

Letter 19 is heading to Illinois and to Tawn another blogger and author. In one of her posts Tawn admits to being fond of bubble baths so a little elf in a slipper bath seemed appropriate. Tawn writes a variety of short stories that are TotallyTawn.

Illustrated letter 19

If I am to write 365 letters I require help. I need people to write to. Would you like to receive a letter containing a Ziggy Elf ? The details on how to get one are here.


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