Illustrated Letter 20; It’s Furry Man

I am attempting to revive the lost art of the hand written letter by writing one each day through 2013. Not just words though; each one will contain a unique original Ziggy Elf. What was I thinking? But here we are at number 20 and it’s the first one where I have made a mistake. “But Ziggy, you never make mistakes” I hear you cry. Well, my confession is coming up……

I want to document the letters and post them up on the blog, but I can’t show the contents of the letter as it will spoil the surprise for the recipient. So, in order to make each post vaguely interesting I am illustrating the envelope. This particular letter is for Laura Frantz an author and blogger. Laura mentions that her earliest memories of the local libraries were shelves filled with biographies of historical figures like Daniel Boone. Great I thought, a Daniel Boone elf it is. I got doodling only to discover I’d drawn a trapper hat NOT a Daniel Boone hat. Sorry Laura and all Americans everywhere 😦

Well this letter is off to Port Angeles, Washington. Where in the world will tomorrows illustrated letter be going? Check in and find out. If you would like to receive your very own original Ziggy Letter Elf check out the details here.

illustrated letter 20


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