A Happy Elf Birthday to…….?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…….I have failed! I have not written a single illustrated letter for 10 whole days, and I beg your forgiveness. You see it was like this; I’ve just worked a seven day shift at the museum, its half term and we have been getting 700 to 800 visitors EACH DAY. Running up and down seven flights of stairs and chatting to hundreds of lovely people took its toll. Each night I got home, had dinner and then promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

But, now I’m on holiday. Yipee! And yesterday was my birthday. Hooray! So I’m in a celebratory mood. And what better way to start than with a Birthday Elf. You will see below the start of an illustrated letter, but who is it going to? If it’s your birthday or you know someone whose birthday is coming up how about an original Ziggy Elf? I will send it with birthday wishes to the first person to email me their postal address to ziggy dot shortcrust at gmail dot com headed “birthday elf”.  But don’t worry, if you’re not first, I promise I’ll still write to you. Yes, everyone is a winner with Ziggy.


Birthday Elf


To find out more about my ridiculous challenge to revive the lost art of the hand written letter have a look here.



32 thoughts on “A Happy Elf Birthday to…….?

  1. Isn’t it 365 in a year? You can still do it! Look at for my Koala birthday letter and happy birthday. I looooove museums and libraries. They are the truly wonderful places of our planet.

  2. Happy birthday! I wish I could say so on 23 Feb. I was busy changing for a more challenging and rewarding job. So I forget to read your latest entries before bed time like I normally do. Sorry for that.
    You’v already done a good job. Stick to the plan is very hard, after all you are too busy. Glad to hear from you by e-mail, I will reply your letter after receiving you letter.
    Good day!

  3. Glad to read you Ziggy! I’ve been very backlogged with my comments, but doesn’t mean I ever forgot about you! Good to hear that you were having a fun albeit busy time! Hope you had/are having a refreshing holiday for your birthday! Take care and have a wonderful spring-like weekend! Hurrah for above freezing temps! 🙂

  4. I love when I discover a gem of an art blog. Thanks to Denthe who was awarded the Leibster who then awarded it to Joyce from Joyful Art Stuff who then awarded it to you!! Your blog is beautiful and your enigmatic ‘about you’ post delightful. As for your art – simply beautiful. I often bemoan the demise of the handwritten letter (of course I never write them so can’t really complain when I don’t then receive them, but still) There’s a certain wonderful feeling of anticipation when a handwritten envelope pops through the door that simply can’t be replicated by the ding of an email popping into your inbox. With that in mind, I’m off to email you as I would definitely love to receive one of your stunning illustrated letters!

  5. Happy Birthday, Dear Ziggy! If we use the Tardis these wishes should arrive precisely on time, more or less, give or take. And don’t even think that you failed! You just refreshed, revived and reloaded. Look forward to hearing from you! Have fun.

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