Letter Elves Revealed

At the start of January this year I had the crazy idea to revive the lost art of the hand written letter. I thought I would do this by writing a letter a day, but not just words, these letters would be illustrated with a Ziggy Elf. Over 50 Letter Elves have flown around the world already with many more due to take off. They’ve landed in just about every state in North America, Australia, Canada, The Philippians, China, Hawaii, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, England and Wales. Some people have taken the time to reply, which is lovely. I have received some fabulous letters, beautifully crafted.

When I post up the letters I never reveal the contents as it would spoil the surprise for the recipients. But some of the earlier ones have now been received so I thought you might like to take a peek.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look at that. A fancy slide show! With thanks to Mark from The Vibes who created this post and showed me the way.

If you would like your very own letter elf then take a look here. And to everyone who has requested an illustrated letter, don’t worry they are on their way.

20 thoughts on “Letter Elves Revealed

  1. Super duper Ziggy! AWesome collection of elves.. I feel like there is going to be some massive elf party at some future point unbeknownst to us. They are all dressed to the nines, and I have definitely realised that my hairstyle is not up to scratch… 😉

  2. Hi Ziggy thanks for the kind reply on my blog, it was an absolute pleasure to have your interview up and it provided a great insight into you and your blogging spirit! I am looking forward to receiving the letter 🙂

  3. the anticipation! but I am sure the card will be worth it. 🙂
    I love the kitty from the Wayward Dogs collection.

    • Hello Hannah, I’m afraid I have been very busy training dragons and elf whispering, oh, and working at the museum. I have got a little behind with my letters. But you’ll be pleased to know that your’s has just been posted. Thank you for your patience. Ziggy x

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