When is it Okay to Stare at Someone?

Answer; when you are trying to “elf” them.

I haven’t elfed anyone up for ages but I got a request a little while ago from Elle Bewsell who is the creator of the blog Our Beauty Philosophy. Like George Clooney eyeballing a goat I stared and stared at Elle’s photo and tried to elf her. But the results were very poor. So I went away, had a pork and apple sausage sandwich (with extra apple sauce) came back and hey presto! Why it was so difficult I don’t know. Maybe because Elle is already elfin like? Although I couldn’t see her ears in the photo I’m willing to bet they are just a little bit pointy. She also has the most delightful Mona Lisa smile going on which, although real elves don’t smile, Elle’s “elfter ego” certainly had to.

Not only has Elle been elfed she also conducted an online interview with me for her blog. What an honour. You can read it here.


Did I capture Elle’s inner elf? The real Elle is here.

21 thoughts on “When is it Okay to Stare at Someone?

    • Dear Elle,

      I draw a lot of portraits and no one has beaten me yet. But elfing someone requires altering facial features. So I just have to capture the essence of that person i.e their elfter-ego.
      Glad you liked her and that your letter elf arrived safely.

      Take care,

      Ziggy x

  1. Wow Ziggy what a wonderful post with a portal to another wonderful post about the magical world of ziggyshortcrust! Twas a pleasure to read and the likeness is definitely there.
    I tried to leave a comment on Elle’s blog about the lovely Q&A session she devised. Thought it was a wonderful idea! Unfortunately my phone couldn’t handle the comment system the blog. Maybe try again when I get the chance.
    Great to see an elfing post again! X

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