A Final Farewell to Honey the Skinnydog

For me a home is not complete without a dog or two lounging around it. Over the years I’ve had some fabulous canine companions to sprawl across the sofas with. They’ve always been rescued dogs who have enjoyed a second bite of the cherry and the most recent hound to join us has been Honey the Skinny Dog.

Hunny on the Moor

taking the occasional rest

A dog of very little brain but a huge heart who has given us so much love since bursting into our lives back in September 2010. I have not met a creature who fizzed with energy like Honey. For her, every day was an adventure that had to be attacked at 100 miles an hour. But sadly, last Saturday morning Honey suffered an embolism in her spine leaving her back legs totally paralysed and her front legs partially so. 48 hours in the vet’s care saw no improvement. Honey was not a dog to lay still for the rest of her days watching the world go by, so, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to say a final farewell to this beautiful dog.


Honey had springs for legs


A great pal for Mischa the Skinnydog

But I don’t do sad or regrets. Yes, sure, I bawled my eyes out holding her head in my hands, feeling it grow heavy as her  life ebbed away. And heaven knows what her world was like before us; she was found as an emaciated stray. But we had two and a half fabulous years together. My regret would’ve been not to have given her a home and not to have known her.

Tattoo Honey

Honey inked up

So raise a glass to all those pets who bring so much love and companionship to us feeble human beings. Tip your head back and give a howl of happiness.

65 thoughts on “A Final Farewell to Honey the Skinnydog

  1. My heart goes out to you and I find it hard to smile having been through the vet thing twice.. but how wonderful that she had happy time at the end of her life 😀 I love the inking you have done of her ..

  2. Oh Ziggy, I’m so sorry to hear about Honey. I can’t think of anything more heartbreaking then having to make that decision-it was the right thing to do for her as you said but for you, it’s so difficult. I can’t bear to think of our home without either of our two running around. It’s the it downside to sharing your life with a dog-it’s never long enough. I love your doodled Honey.

    • I’ve had many dogs but they’ve all lived to a ripe old age. Seeing a young dog cut down like that was horrible. But she really was fab, one in a million, and I’m glad we were the ones she chose. Because I always think when you go to adopt a dog, they do the choosing.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about Skinny dog.

    Completely teared up as I read this heartfelt, moving post just now!

    It is so difficult to lose a loved one, and only pet lovers understand how it truly is the same as losing a member of your family, as that is what they are.

    All my love is being sent your way. Think about the good times, it really does help.
    Thinking of what a wonderful life was had by Skinny dog all because of you and your wonderful family.

    x x x x x x

  4. So glad that you could bring happiness to Honey’s life and your own. Your drawing is fantastic, what a great way to remember her

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet dog! We, too, have a very similar dog, Lily, that we adopted and love with all our hearts. I can’t imagine the day when she is no longer with us – your tangled portrait is gorgeous!!

  6. Beautiful tattoo of Honey there. She’s such a beauty in her golden honeyness. I’ve only ever owned skinny dogs vicariously through you, she will be missed, along with those wonderful stories of your adventures together (although I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t stop). Big hugs from me, and a special one for Mischa too who I’m sure is also missing Honey xx

  7. I’m so sorry for your loss. Poor, sweet Honey dog….may she R.I.P. I’m so glad that Honey was a rescue and knew what real love, tenderness, and care was all about before she passed. My heart goes out to shelter animals everywhere and I wish for them the same happiness that Honey found in you. xx

  8. So sorry for your loss Ziggy. We recently lost one too. We wouldn’t give up a minute of time with ours. The time with them is precious and what you did for Honey was a blessing to her. She had those wonderful years with you.

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