Digital Doodles

I pride myself on being “old school” when it comes to creating my drawings. You know, pens, ink, pencils and good old fashioned paper. The closest I’ve got to digital wizardry is taking images of my work with my phone and chucking them through a photo app.

Until now.

Fab artist Rosie Scribblah has recently posted up some sketches created on her tablet and they’re great! Take a look. Unlike me, Rosie is a real artist who works in a studio and stretches canvas, daubs acrylics and even etches! So I thought if Rosie’s giving it the thumbs up I’ll have a go.

Smudging around on the tablet with your finger is not dissimilar to messing with charcoal and pastel, but a hell of a lot cleaner. I have a nexus 7 and the app is Sketcher. A very basic app, but then I’m a very basic artist. This was my first attempt; the first two images are the progression and the last one was after a bit of photo digi-thingy.


elf child 1

elf child 2

Elf child 3

Spooky Elf child


I have to warn you there are more of these because it turns out Digital Doodling is FUN. It won’t replace my fine liner pens or super soft pencils but it’s certainly an interesting alternative medium. I’d love to know what you think.

Has anyone else set aside their sketch pad for an iPad?

28 thoughts on “Digital Doodles

  1. I go through this debate all the time…! I always see really cool things done on tablets/digital and think… oh, I should do that (especially because I am SO INDECISIVE when it comes to color… lines… composition… EVERYTHING ahaha. But then I always stop myself, for fear that I’ll get too lazy. :<<.. I think for someone who has a solid background in physical mediums (definitely you!) only good things can come out of digital art. ❤ I also really love the first one!

    • I guess it’s just another tool to get your creative ideas out of your head. I certainly couldn’t be as precise with this as I can with an ink pen. But that made it more of a challenge and prompted me to work in a different way. Give it a go & see what you get.

  2. I have to admire anyone that has such a brilliant talent, coming from parents that can draw and weeping over the fact that I just can’t put pen to paper or pencil and come up with anything that might look like anything lol. I love the pictures, but I’m a real believer in there is nothing like having a picture/painting that you can touch and feel 🙂

  3. I can’t help thinking that if some of the great art Masters had had the opportunity of using digital they might have been tempted to have a go. It is just another medium to use. Even Watercolourists used to get tut tutted by those using oil!

  4. I think a drawer will draw with whatever is available. I like your spooky elf child very much. Kudos for having a go at something different. The spooky elf child appears (to me) to have a delicious “dark side” that would be hard to get in another medium. Fun post and interesting things to think on further. 🙂

    • Give it a go. Its just another medium to work in. And I guess different apps will produce different results. Rosie seems to have more control over mark making with her app. I’ll have to investigate this further.

  5. Well I like that you took the leap. I am truly old school… and that means any thing that makes art is good. Leonardo Da Vinci was an early adapter. He used graphite point pencils hand made because they were new and better. Digital is only a new pencil. The screen is new paint, the print out is new distribution, all in the hands of one artist, how wonderful this new stuff is.
    I enjoyed your posting, and your art. Loved the pictures.

  6. You are far from a basic artist Ziggy, these are wonderful, they look like they have morphed out of fossilised rock, quite beautiful. I have to say though, I love to get dirty and smudgy and would miss the feel of paint and paper on my fingertips…

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