Ziggy’s Elves

I work in a unique and inspirational museum, the only museum in the UK dedicated to the art of children’s literature. Every day I am surrounded by original manuscripts and artwork and it has rekindled a desire to draw and a resolve to draw something every day. So I draw faces. The rules are; no sketching, straight to paper with a bunch of fine liners or pencils and see what happens. Some take no more than five minutes, others a bit longer.Over time these faces have evolved into pointy eared, sharp chinned little creatures; Ziggy’s Elves.

Occasionally people have asked for an elf to be created especially for them or even have themselves “elfed.” If you’ve got an idea for an elf leave a comment on this page. I’ll get doodling and link it up to your blog.

Ziggy Shortcrust Elf

Love Ziggy.

89 thoughts on “Ziggy’s Elves

  1. Oh, wow, Ziggy, would you really? On my blog, scillagrace.com, you can find a photo of my daughter at the faerie festival under the post title “27 Years Ago – my greatest adventure began”; it was posted on her birthday, Jan. 24. Would you do a 5 minute face of her as Tenebrous the Raven-haired? It’d be such a kick!

  2. hi I love your blog! I’m glad you stopped by “My Other Creative Side” blog and liked mine! I have a different blog on my art website which I consider my main one, but on “my other creative side” I have been using it as a place to post recipes I make, poems I write etc. I’m trying to put together a collection of my poems and art to do a book for children. It must be great working in that museum. Can you tell me more about it or send me an email? I travel to England as my boyfriend lives there in Northumberland, where about’s are you? I’m in Buffalo New York area.
    Nice to meet you,

    • Hello Mary. Yes working in a museum dedicated to the art of children’s books is a dream job for me. Seven Stories is in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear which is the county directly south of Northumberland. There is a link to the website in the “About” page on this blog.

  3. This is a very cool idea! I think I’ll try it! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog today! And I’m happy to have found you. I love your fine liner drawings!! Your job sounds absolutely fabulous! There are a couple of UK children’s book illustrators who’s blogs I follow: Vanessa Cabban and Julia Crossland. Wonderful artists!

  4. These are so sweet!
    I wonder… do you ever draw animals as five minute elven faces? …horses specifically? 🙂
    Also, I was curious if you had heard of Patience Brewster? http://www.patiencebrewster.com/
    She’s a family friend and incredible elfish-artist to boot! I found your enchanting drawings/subject matter in a similar vein to hers.

    • Cat elf is the closest I’ve got to animal elves. Although some do look decidedly horsey. I hadn’t heard of Patience Brewster so thank you for the link. Had a quick look; her work is delightful.

  5. I cant wait to see more of your factional characters! Your site is a delight, if an elf for me, then a cartoon for you, it would only be right. Thanks for stopping by my site Z.S.!

  6. Oh me, me can I be an elf? Pretty please? I wrote children’s picture book and eBook LUCCI THE NO SMOOCHIE POOCHIE, and i bet if you drew me as a little pointy-chinned elf, I’d look just like him! Thanks for your kind consideration Ziggy! You really do have a terrific job!

  7. I am so excited that I can’t even contain myself! :))) Thank you so much Ziggy for making me one of your ‘Elf’ subjects. I’d be happy to gift a copy of LUCCI in return, so if you email me your email, I’ll get right on it as well. Perhaps there’s a little kiddle in your life that will love it. You made my day!

  8. Thank you for stopping by and being my first commenter today! I’m bowled over that you draw, love a good brew, have a gorgeous camper van and work in a children’s literature museum. I also draw (drew), and love tea…but I have an imaginary child in an imaginary camper van, for whom I have secretly started a stash of real children’s books whose beautiful illustrations and stories I fell in love with! Please could you elf my imaginary child? I’d love to feature you on my blog too if I may.

  9. An elf in the camper van? I can’t remember where we went but it was an experience. Not long after you’d enthused how you had your dream form of transport. I thought I saw Sunny in Yorkshire last week but couldn’t see you?

  10. Hello! Just wanted to say that your blog is amazing and the elf doodles you do are just great! Do you mind doodling one for me? You can find loads of “self portraits” of me on my blog: http://jniggelart.wordpress.com/. I’ll return the favor! 🙂 Btw. working in a museum must be super fun! I love museums!
    Have a good one!

  11. I have dispatched an invisible gift to your address, and it should reach you anytime now. But since it’s invisible, you might have some difficulties enjoying it.

    In return I would like to ask you to doodle something based on the photo I have here: http://en.gravatar.com/vincentmars.

    I would be forever grateful, and I might send you one more invisible gift.

    I tip my hat to you.

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