The Campervan

Perambulation in the Shortcrust world is via an elderly vehicle which defies the laws of mechanics. A Volkswagen Split Screen van that goes by the name of Sunny on account of his primrose yellow paintwork.

Tall Man fettles with the oily bits while Ziggy Shortcrust keeps the bud vase replenished with herbs and lavishes the interior with cushions, throws and vintage foofyness.

Keeping constant vigil in the rear are Hurley and Little Dude, “TheTouring Teds” who collect and display on their woolly jumpers, badges to remind all of the  places visited.

From time to time Sunny and his adventures will make appearences on the blog. You can see some of them here.

Travel in a campervan is not to be hurried. Always depart hours before you think you should. Allow time to pause for a brew. Let the rest of the world overtake you and enjoy making people smile as you tootle on by.

17 thoughts on “The Campervan

  1. That seems to reflect the division of labour in our van too! Sunny looks like a beautiful machine. Rather than badges on teds we remember our perambulations with the aid of postcards which are rapidlt starting to cover most of Archie’s interior

  2. You are so lucky to have a splity by the name of Sunny- So cool. My sister has a blue bay that goes by the name Humphrey, of which I have spent many a happy hour tootling about in! Although you tend to get on first name terms with the local mechanic…:)

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